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Jefferson Suites

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 Jefferson Suites is a series of five suite style apartments. This section of the facility was created to help the elderly maintain their independence and have access to nursing services quickly if needed.

 Independent living is ideal for individuals who no longer want to worry about mowing the yard, shoveling snow, maintenance, housekeeping or other issues like property taxes, insurances, and utilities. The Jefferson Suites independent units have their own private elevator, entrance way and parking area.

Our Services

  •  The beautifully designed interior and activity/dining area provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
  •  Each apartment has a private bathroom
  •  Private Kitchen area (with microwave and refrigerator, lounge and bedroom area).
  •  The apartments are tastefully decorated and furnished.
  •  Equipped with phone and cable TV.
  •  Laundry Room on Site
  •  Healthy Meals
  •  Maintenance
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Parking area
Contact Misty Fleming,   Tel: 814-849-8026 for more Information on Jefferson Suites