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Therapy Department

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 Members of the therapy team consist of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists.

 The physical therapy team focuses on achieving mobility and independence. The occupational therapy team focuses on improving daily living activities and skills.

 The speech therapy team focuses on improvements in swallowing, speech and cognitive skills.

Our Services

  •  Inpatient Rehab, Access from either Jefferson Manor, Jefferson Court, or Jefferson Suites
  •  Outpatient Rehab, Come in from your home; receive your therapy with us without losing your independence.
  •  The therapy team works together to develop and coordinate a rehabilitation program specific to each individual's needs.
  •  They are focused on achieving the highest level of independence and functional living.
  •  Family involvement is highly encouraged and educational training will be provided
  •  Stroke Rehabilitation
  •  Accident Rehabilitation
  •  Speech and Communication Disorders
  •  Dysphagia Management
  •  Cognitive Re-training
  •  E-Stim
  •  Vital-Stim
  •  Orthopedic Disorders
  •  Postoperative Joint Repair & Replacement, Fractures, Pain Management
  •  Activities of Daily Living
  •  Home Safety Programs
  •  Reflexology
  •  Ultrasound
  •  Massage Therapy
  •  Patient home evaluations
Contact Carrie Park, Rehabilitation Director Tel: 814-849-8026 for more information.